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Children & Pets: Keep them all safe

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Family Paws Pet Safety Education

Family Paws Pet Safety Education

Over 50% of dog bites occur to children. Many of those require hospitalization. Some of those end up with the pet being surrendered or euthanized.
I invite all of you to visit for great resources on safely introducing your pets to children and what to expect. They have plenty of great advice and a DVD available for those brining a baby into the house with an existing dog.

If you are in El Paso, TX bring the family to a TAILS TO GO! Dog Behavior & Communication class to learn more about Canine Body Language.
Visit our Facebook page for more classes:

We begin the holiday season next month and will be seeing a lot more pets and families, many times unfamiliar relatives coming together to enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately many times it can be a lot of stress on our pets. We must watch for the signals that our pets are uncomfortable. Whale eye (white in the eyes), tongue flicks when no food is present, tails between the legs, hiding behind or under furniture. Many times as pet owners or parents we tend to think that all dogs must tolerate kids posting rough with the pets. Sometimes the dog may growl or show teeth. The common action parents or dog owners take is to scold the dog, or punish the dog. This only tells the dog that it’s being punished for warning the child. It will learn to not give those warnings in the future.

We must teach our kids to respect our pets. To give them space and approach calmly and quietly. Only under direct supervision. To not pull on the dog’s tail or ears. Not to jump on the dog.

Children can be very scary to a dog that has not been socialized to them. Children walk awkwardly, make loud noises, and many times approach dogs and cats too quickly and many pets interpret that as a threat. Please protect your children and the dogs. We can not expect every dog to welcome a child into their home without some resistance from the pet. And it’s our job to know what they are trying to tell us.
Below is some important information about Children’s developmental phases and how they affect dogs, How to teach children and adults how to properly initiate play with dogs, and how to introduce a pet to a new baby.
Here are done protocols from Animal Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall, DVM. As with any work with animals please seek professional help before working with your pets.

From Dr. Karen Overall

From Dr. Karen Overall

Are you bringing a puppy into the home? Socialization is extremely important if you want a well behaved and confident dog. Puppies and adult dogs go through developmental stages like humans do. See below for more info:


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