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Making friends: Jäger

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Making friends with Jäger. A two year old German Shepherd weighing 119 lbs. He is dog aggressive and not good with unfamiliar people. Although I had a consultation with the owner and met Jäger before, it’s always a different situation when the owner is not present and the dog is in fear or protection mode.
Jäger is a working dog/strongly bonded family pet that is very protective of his home and family. With such a powerful breed and his behavior it’s important to know what the dog’s communication is telling you. Here I am introducing myself to Jäger on his terms. By reading his body language I learn when it’s okay for me to approach. We use science based approaches to dog behavior and training. We do not promote the use of prong collar, choke collars, electronic collars or any type of forced training.
Don’t try this yourselves!
Want to learn more about dog behavior and body language? We also provide seminars and bite prevention classes.
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