Charlie Moreno

Meet the Tails to GO! Staff: Charlie Moreno

Charlie Moreno, CPDT-KA

Charlie Moreno, CPDT-KA
Owner, Tails to GO! Pet Services & Education

Hi, my name is Charlie Moreno and I’m the owner of Tails to GO! Pet Services. Tails to GO! provides many pet related services such as animal training, behavior counseling, pet sitting, dog walking, and educational seminars at the Humane Society of El Paso, Animal Services of El Paso, local libraries, and at the homes of our clients.

Many years ago I began dedicating my time to increasing the quality of life for our pets. In 2007 I began an effort to bring adequate dog parks to El Paso, TX. Since then I have promoted local animal rescue organizations, responsible pet ownership, and been involved in rescuing animals myself independently. I began dog training in 2008 and pet sitting in 2009.
Since then I have learned a lot. I started Tails to GO! in 2014 and I have worked hard to bring humane and responsible pet care to the city at affordable prices. Our staff has completed a thorough criminal check, we are insured, bonded, and safety and security is our #1 goal.
For more information on our seminars please visit our Education Page.

I am a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, an Animal Behavior Consultant (NOT A BEHAVIORIST), and educator on animal behavior, communication, safety, and responsible pet ownership. I have also completed many continuing education units in Ethology (Animal Behavior), Operant & Classical Conditioning, Fear, Aggression, and Anxiety in animals, and have completed a course on Dog Emotions & Cognition from Duke University. I am also the Shelter Enrichment & Training Coordinator for the Humane Society of El Paso and the founder & Executive Director of El Paso Pets, a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare by providing education and resources to pet owners and local animal rescue partners.

You can visit some of my animal advocacy websites, facebook pages, and facebook groups here: (Rescue stories, articles, and more)
Here are my Facebook groups:
El Paso Dog Parks On Facebook  (Promoting the local dog parks, responsible pet ownership, events, etc.)
El Paso Pet Rescues on Facebook (For lost and found dogs, adoptable pets by rescue organizations) 

Certifications, Memberships, & Education

Pet Professional Guild Certificate

Pet Professional Guild
Pet Care Professional Member
Webinars completed: 
Toddlers & Dogs: The Dynamic Duo with Jennifer Shryock
The Pitfalls of Negative Reinforcement – Jean Donaldson
Dog Park Etiquette & Safety – Learn About Dog-Dog Play – Carol Byrnes
Holiday Dog & Child Safety Tips – Sponsored by Family Paws & Doggone Safe.


Pet Sitters Associates
– Pet Professional Member
– Insured & Bonded

Doggone Safe!

Doggone Safe! Dog Bite Prevention
– Full Member (I.D. # 11737506)

NDAA & National Center for  Prosecution of Animal Abuse

NDAA/NCPAA* Webinars:
– Tackling the Prosecution of Animal Abuse
– The Linkages between Violence to Animals and People
– Foreclosure Pets: Investigating & Prosecuting Animal Abandonment
– Handling Large Scale Seizures
– Combating Animal Cruelty
– Understanding Animal Cruelty
– Animal Crime Scenes
– Animal Welfare Court
– Role of the Forensic Veterinarian

*National District Attorneys Association/National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse

Charlie Moreno, CPDT-KACharlie Moreno, CPDT-KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.


Combating Dogfighting (TX)
Officer Safety – Dog Bite Prevention
Investigating Animal Abuse for Law Enforcement (TX)

Rescuing Animals from Cruelty and Disasters
Large Scale Animal Cruelty and Natural Disasters
Investigating and Prosecuting Bloodsports
Animal Crime Scenes and Evidence Collection
Veterinary Forensics
Field Sheltering and Temporary Shelters
Fundamentals of Emergency Sheltering

FEMA - Animals in Disaster U.S. Dept. Homeland Security
FEMA – Animals in Disaster: Awareness & Preparation

charlie-aco-certificate Texas Department of State Health Services
Animal Control Officer (ACO)