Services and Rates

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Tails to Go! does not provide boarding, in home boarding, or group classes. 
Our pet services are done in your home.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Regular Visit: $15

Usually 30-35 minutes.
Additional fees for longer
visits, multiple pets or
advanced handling.
Overnight pet sitting MAY be available
for $60 for the first night
$50 each subsequent night.
Limited Availability on Overnights.

See Below For Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Details

Dog Training

Dog Training $40-60 / Hr*

Limited Availability
Does your dog pull on walks?
Dog jumping on guests?
If you’re ready to learn how to train your dog,
give us a phone call at (915) 209-7227 or
send us an email at with a
summary of the training you are looking for.
Sorry, no group classes at this time.

Behavior Modification & Specialized Training $60 /Hr* 

We also provide support and consulting for fear, anxiety, and aggression cases. We also offer specialized dog training such as Scent Detection, Tracking, and Service Dog training.

We use modern scientific methods developed by certified dog trainers and legitimate Animal Behaviorists such as Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Jean Donaldson, Karen Overall, and others.
Aggression assessments, behavior reports & behavior modification program can be provided at an additional cost.

Visit our Training page

Day Training

Regular Visit: $40

Day training is a way for your dog to get mental
stimulation and learn some manners or tricks.
We will discuss your dog’s feeding  and exercise
schedule and develop a training program.
Each Day Training visit is usually
25-35 minutes with breaks included.
Most sessions are booked during
midday hours, depending on location.
Single dog only. Quiet room/yard required.
Must provide reward (toy, treats, etc.).
Owner is not required to be present
but is encouraged to observe.

Veterinary Clinics & Rescue Partners
of City of El Paso Animal Services

Rescue Partners & Veterinary Clinic referrals are given
priority in serious cases and a special discounted rate.
Contact us for referral cards.




Partial Terms & Conditions

Complete policies available in our Client Agreement forms which are required before any pet sitting and dog walking services. For safety purposes we reserve the right to use a “martingale” safety back up collar or no pull harness on some dogs that display shyness, fear, or have a history of running off or escaping. We reserve the right to substitute other activities for safety of your pet and/or our handlers. Activities subject to change due to weather.

Payment is due prior to any service. Late cancellations are partially refunded. Holiday weeks require a deposit to reserve your booking. Prices subject to change. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. We do have the right to refuse service to anyone. All behavior modification clients must sign a “Permission to Treat” form as well as a “History Form” prior to any session.
Be aware that dog training and behavior modification is not MAGIC or as entertaining as some dog training reality shows have made it appear. Changes can be subtle and take many weeks or months to become more predictable. Prevention by the use of management (changing the animal’s environment to reduce the chance of problem behavior) is as equally important for safety reasons.