• Protected: Client Intro Session: Introducing a new dog

    Preparation: Having a behavior history of each dog that will be involved in the introduction is important. The more we know the more we can better predict how to proceed. In cases where we have no behavior history on one or more of the dogs that are being introduced, the longer the process may take while we gather information. One of the most important things when introducing dogs to each other is to make it as ...

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  • Children & Pets: Keep them all safe

    Over 50% of dog bites occur to children. Many of those require hospitalization. Some of those end up with the pet being surrendered or euthanized. I invite all of you to visit for great resources on safely introducing your pets to children and what to expect. They ...

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  • Now accepting applications for responsible handlers!

    Tails to GO! is now looking for applicants. This position will be temporary and as an independent contractor. We are looking for dependable and responsible handlers that can ensure the safety of ...

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  • Making friends: Jäger

    Making friends with Jäger. A two year old German Shepherd weighing 119 lbs. He is dog aggressive and not good with unfamiliar people. Although I had a consultation with the owner and met Jäger before, it's always a different situation when the owner is not present and the dog is in fear or protection mode. Jäger is a working dog/strongly bonded family pet that is very protective of his home and family. With such a powerful ...

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  • Making friends with Louie

    The first day or few days of pet sitting visits can be a lot for a dog. That's why consultations are important. Sometimes it takes a bit more work. We make sure to take it easy when bonding with your pet. Pet sitting starts at only $10 per visit and goes up to $25 per hour. Multiple visits per day available, overnight stays also available for additional charge. Here I am making friends with Louie. An ...

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  • Classes for April at the Humane Society of El Paso

    Please email us at to reserve your seat. You can also call us at (915) 209-7227. If prompted to leave a message include a phone number with area code, your full name, number of people attending, and what class you wish to attend (date & time). Donations can be made in person at the Humane Society at the time of the class. If donating earlier please mention it is for the Community Education Program.

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  • Wanted: Elderly or Disabled Pet Owners

    From our Facebook: // Post by Tails To GO - Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Taxi, & Education.

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  • Pet sitting should be more than just sitting there with the pets.

    Pet sitting should be more than just sitting on the couch while your dogs stare back at their pet sitter. When you have dogs that need to release some energy Tails to GO! will help. A short potty break is not enough. Sometimes walks are not always possible or the best option. We are professionals that study dog behavior and can create a fun experience in every visit. Pet sitting starts at only $10 per ...

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  • Client: Jane

    Jane already had some basic obedience training when we started caring for her. Her mother is from New Mexico and in El Paso for several weeks. So she wanted Jane to have some exercise while they were visiting. It's great to see responsible owners that take the time for training and have great quality equipment like leather leashes and a no pull harness. It's setting up your pet for success.

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  • Education Classes now available

    We are proud to announce our new educational classes! Please check our events page to see what we have currently scheduled. Educational Classes - Bite Prevention - Basic & Advanced Dog Handling - Dog Park Etiquette - Canine Communication/Behavior - Local & State laws - Responsible Pet Ownership We are providing FREE educational courses at local libraries, recreation centers, and school on various pet related  topics. Check our events ...

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