Animal Training & Behavior Modification

Charlie Moreno, CPDT

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My name is Charlie Moreno and I am a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, an Animal Behavior Consultant (NOT A BEHAVIORIST), and educator on animal behavior, communication, safety, and responsible pet ownership.

I have also completed many continuing education units in Ethology (Animal Behavior), Operant & Classical Conditioning, Fear, Aggression, and Anxiety in animals, and have completed a course on Dog Emotions & Cognition from Duke University.

I  served as the Education & Shelter Enrichment Coordinator for the Humane Society of El Paso. I developed various activities for shelter animals and protocols to increase their quality of life, trained the staff on humane animal handling, canine and feline behavior, & working with aggressive animals.

I am the founder & Executive Director of El Paso Pets, a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare by providing education and resources to pet owners and local animal rescue partners.

Services We Provide:

– Basic Obedience Training (Sit, stay, down, loose leash walking, etc)
– Behavior Consultations (Fear, anxiety, aggression, thunder phobia, obsessive compulsive behaviors, etc.)
– Aggression Cases (towards people or other animals)
– Behavior Assessments & Consulting for government shelters and non-profit rescue organizations
– Safety Training for Staff of Grooming and Dog Day Care Facilities
– Dog Bite Prevention Education (All ages)
– Animal Behavior Education
– New Pet Owner Consultations
– Puppy Behavior & Socialization consultations
– Specialty Training (Scent detection, Service Dog Training, Public Access Test, etc.)

Dog training is an unregulated field. That means anyone can start a business and call themselves a dog trainer with no real education on animal behavior or learning theory. Buyer beware. It can be very scary to put your pet in the hands of a person that is not experienced or educated in animal training. It can leave your pet mentally damaged or physically hurt.

There are many ways to train animals or change behavior. But dogs and many other animals learn in two main ways: (1) By association and by (2) consequence. By using aversive forms of punishment you don’t know what the dog will associate that pain or discomfort to. Many times this can make their behavior worse or suppress a behavior and not address the root cause.  

My Training Philosophy

Humane Hierarchy

My training philosophy is based in the field of Behavioral Science and Cognitive Sciences. What does that mean to a dog owner? That means our training is “force free”. To explain further, we do not use physical corrections, pain or intimidation to train a dog. In regards to behavioral issues and training we use a program of training known as LIMA which means Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive, to change behavior for the long term.

LIMA requires that trainers/behavior consultants work to increase the use of positive reinforcement and lessen the use of punishment in work with companion animals and the humans who care for them. LIMA protocols are designed to be maximally humane to learners of all species. Read more about LIMA here.

How Long Will It Take?

Keep in mind that every animal is an individual and has their own motivations, instincts, and environment that affects their behavior and learning.
There is never a guarantee on training or changing behavior in a living being. Beware of anyone that promises specific results or guarantees to meet a deadline. We are changing behaviors in a living being, not programming a computer.

While there are times that we can teach your pet a simple “cue” (we prefer not using the word COMMAND), some more serious issues such as behavioral problems can take weeks or months to really see a significant improvement. Not only does that mean that we can’t simulate what some popular reality television dog training shows do, because we lack the time and professional editing they have, but it also means that the people living with that dog are required to put in their own work to ensure the behavior modification works and is maintained.

What Is The Cost?

While I try my best to provide services throughout the city I do have other dog trainers available to help with different cases so I can focus on Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression cases as well as volunteering for local animal rescue organizations. Sometimes this means my availability is affected and I may have an associate trainer work with you on your case. Please confirm prices via email.

All INITIAL consultations are only $40.00*.
They last between 60-90 minutes. After the initial consultation we offer two types of programs:

1. Basic manners/training: $40.00 a session
Basic manners/training sessions are geared for “sit”, “stay”, “down”, leash pulling, puppy related issues, etc. 

2. Behavior counseling & behavior modification: $60.00 a session
Behavior counseling & behavior modification sessions are geared towards moderate to severe cases of anxiety, fear, and aggression.
*Any animal with a bite history (on human) automatically falls under the behavior counseling and behavior modification program. Sessions are $60 each.

After our initial consultation YOU decide how often you need our help. We do not make you sign a contract or require a minimum of sessions or request advanced payments for future sessions. But we can offer you a discount if you wish to book and pay for multiple sessions at once. We don’t believe in stringing you along for multiple sessions. We want progress and that’s why we put the ball in your court. What we do is we first set up a consultation ($40.00) to determine what issues you are having, what your goals are, and go over what the best course of action to take is. You can contact us and book us as often as needed. We’ve had some clients that do their homework for six weeks before asking us to return and we see HUGE improvement with the animal. We also have some pet owners that prefer for us to visit twice a week. Training is not a one time plan. It’s a lifestyle and it requires the pet owner to be consistent and patient.

What To Expect On The Initial Consultation

Training sessions ($40.00) are broken down to 25% interview/consultation & 75% hands on training with the animal. Most sessions are between 60-90 minutes. In that time we discuss various training methods such as “shaping”, “luring”, and “capturing”. We discuss tools to use such as “No Pull” harnesses, head collars, clickers, whistles, treats, toys, and the mechanics of training an animal.

Behavior Counseling/Modification sessions ($60.00) are broken down to 75% interview/consultation and 25% hands on with the animal.
If the animal is not comfortable in working with me then I coach you on what to do. In some cases if the dog has severe anxiety, fear, or aggression I provide you with a plan you can continue on your own. The basis for this is that we do not wish to place the animal in a position to feel those emotions if it’s preventable. We don’t want to push the animal to be scared, anxious, or aggressive just for the sake of recreating those stressful situations.

Many times the animal’s owners want me to see the “problem” behavior and it’s great if they have video I can review, but of there isn’t I will still believe you. There’s no point in trying to recreate the problem. Because the more an animal practices a behavior we don’t want, the better they get at it. And we don’t want that. Behavior modification and counseling takes a lot of time behind the scenes on researching similar cases, speaking to your veterinarian, developing a program and making sure that the work is being done.

Getting Started

STEP #1:

Please email us at to start the process. We will reply with our Terms of Services, which is NOT a contract but an overview of what we should both expect at our consultations and sessions (minimal distractions, safety, what you’ll need to have) to make sure we both get the most out of our time working together.

STEP #2:

You reply to our Terms by agreeing to them and include the information requested in the email (Summary of your issues, goals, etc.).
If this is a fear, anxiety, or aggression case, we will send you a History Questionnaire to complete before we meet. This History Form will help us evaluate the behavior problems you are having and be better prepared so we can use the consultation time wisely. The history form can be scanned and emailed back to us, mailed to us, or we can arrange to meet somewhere to pick it up. We do prefer to have the History Form completed and sent to us at least 3-5 days before we meet in person so we have time to review the issues and do some research on related cases and treatment protocols.

STEP #3:

We will send you the available dates/times we have in your area. You pick one of the dates and times available.